{Two Things Tuesday} The Taper Crazies, Countdown and More

What did you think about on Christmas day?  After all of the hustle and bustle subsided and I was able to sit and just be, it hit me.  Rather than thinking about Santa, snowflakes, good will towards men, I was hit with the fact that 14 days from that very moment I would be running 26.2 miles.  And my reaction……… was yikes.  I’m relatively confident that I can complete the miles one way or another, but yikes …. less than two weeks are left between me and the Disney marathon.  So while the rest of you were dreaming about sugar plums, I was thinking about gu, black toenails, water stops and more this Christmas day. 

And in additional marathon training news, I can report that thus far the taper hasn’t driven me mad yet.  I’ve managed to cut miles left and right as called for by the plan without losing my mind.  I think that taper happening during the holidays has helped in terms of dealing with that.  I’ve had too many other things to do to really focus on the fact that my running has been cut so drastically. 

I have however had time to start my own little countdown to the end of the year.  I’ve begun crunching numbers, analyzing stats, etc.  I’ve already met some of my goals which I’ll reveal here once 2011 officially comes to a close.  I’m anxious to see where I’ll actually land numbers wise.  I know that only my running miles will be accurate because for the longest time I didn’t accurately log bike or swim distances.  So anyway, the countdown to the close of 2011 has officially begun so now it’s time to finalize the race calendar for 2012 and set some new goals in stone!

What do you do when the taper crazies set in?  And have you started your countdown to the end of the year?  How about finalizing your 2012 calendar?  How’s that coming?  Share, share, share!

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