{Marathon} I remember this……

Here we go again.  I’m not even in taper yet, and I’m already starting to go a little crazy.  Thus far my longest run has been 18 miles.  20 is on tap for this weekend.  On the way home last night I seriously thought, what am I doing.  There is no way that I’m ready to run a marathon in just over 5 weeks.  I had these very same thoughts right before I ran my last marathon.

I guess there are a couple of differences this time.  The first is that I’m amazed at how early in my training cycle I’m having these thoughts.  It makes me a little nervous for when taper actually does come.  I may go insane.  We’ll see.  I will clearly need to find something to do in order to occupy my time.  Maybe I can take up some crafting that I haven’t done in forever………. yeah, no.  Hell, maybe I’ll actually get back in the pool.  Yowza, now there’s an idea.

The other thing that is very different this time is that I know that I CAN do it.  I was given advice once that I need to trust the training….. “the hay is in the barn.” I’m learning to do that.  I also know that I’ve finished this distance before and I’ve come a long way since crossing the finish line that time.  And regardless of what happens if I put one foot in front of the other I will make it.  And make it I shall.

If we could just slow the freaking out process down……. that would be fantastic! What are you pondering this Thursday morning?

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