{Two Things Tuesday}

Half Time – Ok, time to get serious.  I’ve kicked around ideas about my 2012 race calendar but I really haven’t nailed anything down.  My main goal as I’ve already stated, is to complete at least one Half Ironman distance (70.3) race.  I’m still waffling between a couple of the June options for various reasons.  Right now the options are HITS Hunter Mountain, Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon, and the Patriot Half.  Right now it is looking like Hunter Mountain will probably win out.  This only terrifies me slightly given the hills on the bike course, but I’ll deal one way or another.  Once I can get my tri peeps to commit, the registration will be signed sealed and delivered.

And a Half Run! – And on that note I need to also identify a few half marathon to sign up for and run with my running peeps.  A-sizzle and I need to keep this show on the road.  I’m already fairly certain that I’d like to do the Vermont City Marathon Relay again this year.  I need redemption from last year and it’s such a well run race.  Other than that I haven’t picked any halfs so far that are a definite on my calendar.  Time to get working!

So those are my two things that are on my mind this Tuesday.  Any suggestions?

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