{Two Things Tuesday}

I woke up today knowing that I have a lot of things going for me.  Not everything, but as I said yesterday, life isn’t about the things.  A tragic loss in our local running/triathlon community has really got me thinking about this and about how fortunate we all are this holiday season.  So, for two things, I wanted to just note two things that I aim to work on in my life personally. 

Giving Thanks – While I’ve given thanks publicly on the blog over the past two years both here and here.  My goal is to be more cognizant of the things that I am thankful for all of the time rather than just once a year when Thanksgiving rolls in to town.  I am thankful for so many things in my life and I want to recognize that on a more regular basis.  Last night I even stole a moment to tell my three-year old thank you.  Thank you for being my buddy.  Ok, he may have looked at me like I was a little crazy, but he got it and as his eyes lit up he asked for a hug.  So while maybe I won’t tell everyone ever day, I do aim to say thank you more often and to focus on the positives in my life rather than dwelling on the negative.

Just Be-ing – I want to just be and focus on just being.  My life has been filled with ups and downs in the past few years.  Lots of hustle and bustle that keeps me moving from one day to the next.  Much of that hustle and bustle is good, don’t get me wrong, but I want to take some more time for me and for C-man to just be.  I want to live properly in the moment.  I want to enjoy each and every one of them because the reality is that we don’t know how many we have.  So rather than worrying so much about how I didn’t complete my long run or how I’m going to get to the gym and get dinner on the table, I want to spend more time enjoying our moments together.  And for starters, this weekend we have movie plans, cookie making plans and also we have plans to just be and play! I want to stop worrying and just enjoy it!

Those are my two things this Tuesday.  How about you?

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