{Thanks}-giving 2011

I’m kicking the week off with a shout out.  A celebration of the things that I’m thankful for.  I did it last year as well.  But this is a whole new year so….. let’s do it.

Things to be thankful for ….. in no particular order:

C-man – still the coolest little dude I know.  You’re amazing. I love you. Period.

G – after 7 years with this doggie of mine, I know for sure that we were meant to be together.  Thank you for being my pup.

Our new digs – having a home…. priceless.  Just in time for the holidays.  Wheeew, we’re going to have an awesome season.

My health – I’m reminded all the time how lucky I am and we are to be in such great health.  I finished an 18 mile training run this weekend.  In the car I took off my road id and on it I have the saying “pain is temporary.” It’s true for me.  Not for everyone.  So when I don’t want to finish another mile, another interval on my bike or what have you.  I try to remember this and put things in perspective.

My Wonderful Friends and Family – You all are the reason that I am the person that I am today.  I may have known you my entire life or maybe just a few years and/or months.  You know who you are.  You are my strength.  Thank you for being there through the thick and the thin.  I can’t say enough.

Races – Yep, the races.  I’m thankful for the races.  They keep me going as I train and then they make me feel alive when I’m there.  I think I may be a junkie! ;P

My sneakers…… I have a ton of the same pair of sneakers.  And I’m thankful for them because whenever I need to clear my head, they’re there.  Running is the cheapest therapy I’ve found.  And so accessible.  Just step out the front door!

I could go on.  I could list my bike, my car, or a variety of other things.  But life isn’t about things now is it.  Life is about the experience.  And the experience is what I can say I’ve definitely gotten in the past year.  I’ve run races, met challenges, enjoyed simple moments and so much more.  My goal has really been to live in the moment and enjoy each and every one of them.  Each thing only lasts but a moment and you only get to do it once.  So lastly, I’m thankful for not only the experience but also the moment.

This is only a short list for me.  But what are you thankful for this year?

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