In the Dark

So we ran today, in the dark.  It’s hard to get a run in some days before work which leaves after work.  This time of year that’s ok if I’m up for the gym.  But I did the gym yesterday. I ran hard on the treadmill, doing 5 minute intervals followed by a recovery jog.  While that was great, I didn’t want to do it again today.  And I also just didn’t really want to run easy in place on a treadmill.

Of course there was the option of not running.  But I had a horrible day and if you’ve paid any attention on here, some times running is the only thing that makes me feel normal.  I needed to run a bit and I needed to do it outside! So, I came home.  I came home, pulled out my reflective gear and a headlamp, strapped G into her harness and ran.  We ran around the lake by my house.  We didn’t go that far but it felt great.  That’s the beauty of running with the dog.  We just run.  No talking is required, and we can just be.

I think that this was my first run after work and in the dark.  I have no idea how I could have avoided doing so for this long.  But you know what? I enjoyed it.  While I thought that the dark might be annoying, it felt good to get out and run a bit after a bad day filled with ups and downs.  And G was so happy to get out and stretch her legs a bit.  I do believe that we will be making this a part of our weekly routine.  So that’s what we did while we were in the dark.  How about you?


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