One day left………….

With one day left until having to write 32 on my race registrations, I was welcomed to work by this little lovely….


Yum! It would be fantabulous if this was how every day started, however, I’m sure I’d be unable to race strictly due to my size! Ha! With just one day left until the big b-day, I figure it’s time to do a little reflecting.  I did a similar sort of thing last year.

However, this year there has been even more on my plate.  So! Let’s roll it out.  Since my birthday last year, I have had the opportunity to set a new 5K PR, set a 4 mile PR, run the SunTrust National Half Marathon in DC, plan for and participate in the awesome New York Ragnar Relay, run the Vermont City Marathon relay with one of my very best running peeps, start participating in triathlons including the dreaded open water swims, defeating my first Olympic triathlon, running the Palio Half Marathon and setting a new PR, and now I’m training for the Disney full marathon in January of 2012.  

Ok, just writing that all out was tiring.  I can very easily say that yet again this has been my very best year.  It has been a year filled with big changes in my personal life, but I’ve survived them all thanks to this wonderful outlet that I have found through running and triathlon and the never ending support of my friends and family.  I truly do not know where I would be without you. 

And C-man.  Without you, I don’t even know what to do with myself.  This year that we’ve had together has been tumultuous and wonderful all at the same time.  You have rooted yourself even further into my heart.  You have cheered for me when I wasn’t sure if I still had a cheering section.  Thank you for supporting me buddy, in all of my endevours.  We’re in this together.  You have helped to make me that youngest feeling mommy out there and I’m so glad that we get to enjoy each year together. 

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the year in pictures! How are you spending this Friday?  Eating cake for breakfast?



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