{Two Things Tuesday} Long Run Success and a PR

Ok, so first of all Sunday, was another grueling long run.  Yeah, I know, marathon training will do that I suppose.  On the schedule for the week …… 15 miles.  Yep, count ’em. 15. So, rather than run like a maniac both days it made most sense to add extra miles on to the Fall Frun 10K in Clifton Park.  Right? Sure.  I met up with several running peeps at 7:15 to get three miles under the belt before the start of the 10K.  Have I mentioned that I love changing the clocks back an hour?  Ok, I don’t love how it gets dark so early, but I do love that one extra hour of sleep that is gained! So this 7:15 start felt pretty late to me. Anyway, the first three miles were completed uneventfully.  It was a nice warm up pre-run because it was ch-ch-cha chilly out. 

Prior to the race starting, I hung out with the BeRunning peeps.  This was their “graduation” race …. or the race that they have been training for.  The energy was fantastic leading up to the start of the race.  Everyone was pumped for the run and lots of others were excited about the new race in the area.  Oh and the t-shirts were fantastic.  thanks ARE.  My original plan for the race was to take it easy and just get the miles in.  I knew I was going to finish the 10K with another 6 miles to add-on in order to get to my total of 15. 

However, I was really still nagged about my less than stellar performance at my last 10k. While it was an ok time, I really wanted to at least be under one hour.  Nothing mind-blowingly fast, just break the hour so I can say I did.  Well hello 59:50 at the finish, I did it.  Thanks to J for pushing me through the entire race.  I know I made her work, but if not for pushing her I know that I would have slacked off as well. 

After attending the awards ceremony, stuffing my face with some food and warming up for a few minutes it was time to head back out and polish off the last 6 miles for the day.   I will say out loud and I did not drink or eat enough through any of this spaced out long run.  My nutrition was bad and it proved to be so for the last 3 miles especially.  I was struggling and so very ready to be finished.  But I can say that I did it.  All 15 miles and I haven’t run that far in some time.  So I’m glad.  And I’m thankful……. I’m thankful for my running peeps, peanut butter puffins, mid-day naps and my snuggly pup.  All of these things made my PR, my long run and my day a success!

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