{Two Things Tuesday} Pumpkins!

Pumpkins………. I love pumpkins. 

All things pumpkin in fact! Last night C-man and I finally got our acts together and carved his pumpkin.  I have to say that I’ve sort of been a slacker in the whole Halloween department.  Might as well let the cat outta the bag and admit that we are in the process of getting ready to move…… again! C-man and I are about to buy a house.  A place for us to settle into and start our lives anew.  We’re very excited but it’s also got this mommy a little off her game as far as things like carving pumpkins go. 

But last night we finally made it a priority.  C wanted me to carve a picture of each of our dogs in the pumpkin.  Apparently he didn’t get the memo where in I am not that artistic.  In the end after some bartering, I managed to convince him that the classic pumpkin face would suffice.  He was a fantastic helper.  We managed to carve together and we both finished the project with all of our fingers intact!

He wanted to add whiskers…………..


Showing off Mr. Jack-o-lantern…

On another pumpkin note, last weekend was The Great Pumpkin Challenge in Saratoga.  I had decided when I registered to go ahead and run the 10k for various reasons.  One of the main reasons being that I had never done an actual 10k before. Unfortunately, I was still being plagued by the remnants of whatever illness I had last week.  So! While I did run the race, I wasn’t able to really run it.  I was still having sharp pains upon breathing deeply so this sorta limited what I was able to do.  I’m hoping to put up a better showing at the Fall Frun 10K on November 6th.  But anyway, I finished the pumpkin challenge and then logged an additional 5 miles.  While not the 14 I had hoped for, considering the way I was feeling, I was pretty happy with 11 miles for the day. 

Finishing the race……… feeling pretty crappy!

What’s your take on pumpkins?  Do you love them as much as me?  Are you running a Halloween themed race or challenge?  Come on and spill it!

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