Feeling Awesome {Friday}

It’s been a week.  All started well, then my knee started bothering me while running.  I searched frantically and found my knee strap.  Thank goodness!   I’ve been wearing it religiously since.  Hopefully the problem has been overted.  Then I got some sort of stomach virus from hell.  Today is the first day that I feel somewhat normalish since Tuesday night.  And even now, not all the way normal.  My goodness a girl cannot catch a break!

But in other news, this week a major chapter of unfinished business in my life has finally received its due closure.  And I’m reminded how short life is.  Not in the sense that life is short and we should all be sad because we will not live forever, but in the sense that life is short and so we shouldn’t sit around feeling bad about ourselves, being negative or wallowing in our mistakes.  Sometimes you have to say your sorry.  But sometimes all we can do is look forward, learn from the mistakes that we have made and hope that the knowledge has made us stronger.  So maybe for today closure provides clarity.  Clarity and a sense of peace in knowing that it’s time to move forward.  Who knows. 

So the question becomes why am I feeling awesome? I’m feeling awesome because I have my entire life ahead of me.  The world is my oyster.  Mine and C’s.  Our dreams are limitless!  And because I have a 14 mile long run on tomorrow’s schedule! Wait, wait, did I just say that was awesome? Well for the moment it’s terrifying but upon completing it, it will be awesome. 

What’s on your schedule for the weekend?

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