{Support} The Power of Peeps

Yesterday was the 2011 Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and Half Marathon.  I had oodles of friends running in both races.  In fact, this was my first marathon last year.  I had hoped to run the half this year, but I didn’t register in time and it sold out.  Lesson learned! So since I didn’t get into the race, I decided to head down and yell, scream and holler for all my running peeps as they were crossing their own finish line.  It was awesome.  While I really love racing, it was fantastic to be there and support everyone from the other side of things.  You realize how important that support is as they see you along the side and a smile creeps across their face.  They’re happy to see you, happy to hear their name being yelled and they’re usually happy because it means they’re almost done!  So a big shout out to all of you who rocked it yesterday at the race.  I’m so proud of you!

And speaking of running support, running peeps and awesomeness, I was directed yesterday to the pictures of the Saratoga Palio Half Marathon that I ran in September with A-sizzle.  A couple of the pictures were funny as we were clearly chatting the whole way! But you know, I thought that was great.  Two friends out for a run.  And believe it or not, even with all of the chatting I did manage to set a PR that day.  Seeing pictures like these warms my heart and makes me thankful for the rock star people I have in my life. 














Smiling and running…………….

So a special shout out to my pals.  You make the run more “Frun” every time!

Do you like to support at races?  Who do you run with?  Is it more important for you to go fast or have fun?

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