Refocusing, Laughing and Running!

Well, I’m part way through my very first week of marathon training and it is may be too early to say this, but so far so good.  For one thing, after juggling training for three sports, just working out a training plan for running seems simple! Whaaaaaa? You only want me to run 3 miles today.  Done.  And practically done in my sleep.  The plan is 20 weeks long so we’ll see if I’m still singing its praises come mid -November.  I also don’t intend to strictly run as I have been doing the last few days.  I will mix the bike and the swim back in.  I just needed a few easy days after the weekend’s events.

Today’s run was completed at a relaxed 10 minute per mile pace.  I ran with my peeps and we carried on a full conversation the whole time, so you can suffice to say that the pace was easssssssssy-peasy.  In fact not only did we talk, we laughed.  Oh man did we laugh.  There were threats of smack-downs and inappropriate jokes that I can’t repeat here.  It felt great to get the miles in while having a great time.  Now I’m not foolish enough to believe that all of our training runs will be this great.  But for today, I’m taking it to the bank.  I wish I could bottle the mood of this run and bring it with me always.  Unfortunately, I can’t, but I can look forward to 19 more weeks of marathon training with my running peeps.

Are you silly on your training runs?  Do you train with partners or alone?  Are you excited when you get the chance to start a new plan or am I just this excited because I’m no longer focusing on three sports?

Training will produce more of these moments!

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