{Race Report} Lake George Olympic Triathlon

I’ve been absent this weekend because I’ve been racing.  Saturday was my last big triathlon for the season, the Lake George Olympic distance triathlon.  It was a 0.9 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike and 6.2 mile run.  To be honest, I stink at race recaps.  So rather than running you through the blow-by-blow of a report, I’ll sum the race up with the good, the not so good and the ugly.

The good ……….

*I had a ton of great friends at the race.  This is always a huge plus in my book.  Lots of     support on the course, cheering me on.

Everyone is smiling…. clearly pre-race

*I survived the swim.  I had a slow swim, but on the upside, never once did I panic or feel as though I couldn’t breathe.  While slow, I take that as a huge plus.

*The race support was phenomenal.  Seriously, I highly recommend this race or the Big     George to anyone who is looking to race a very well run triathlon.  The support was f fantastic and the volunteers were amazing! They kept me going with all of their kind words.

*The fried dough! For some funny reason the reward for finishing the race was a complimentary fried dough.  This fried dough was some of the best I’ve ever had.  More about that later.

Mmmm, fried dough!

*I did it.  Not that I thought I couldn’t, but it always feels amazing to cross the finish line.  So I owe a big thank you to all of the people who helped me to get across that line.  You know who you are!

The not so good…….

*As I mentioned above, my swim was slow.  One of my big goals for the winter is to get much better at swimming.  I am now comfortable in the water but I really need to work on not being last.  (I wasn’t last but I felt like it!)

*My bike needs to get into the shop! I rode the course with a wobbly wheel and funny shifting gears.  I’ve been riding it like this for a couple of weeks so it was nothing new, but enough is enough already.  Time to get it addressed!

*Transitions…… while not super slow, I need to find my speed laces, pre-load my fuel belt with gu and some other additional things that should pay off in transition.

My Setup…

The ugly……

* I didn’t eat breakfast….. Um, whaaa? Sounds logical right?  Heading into a sizable race it does seem intelligent to just not bother to eat.  Saaaaaaaaa-mart. Yes.

*I didn’t pre-load my race belt with gu.  I did shove two gu’s into my tri top jersey prior to the swim.  Nice idea.  Around mile 10 on the bike I ate one.  Figured I would save the other for the run.  When I got to an aid station on the run, I reached back to grab the gu and it wasn’t there.  I checked all the pockets…… multiple times.  No go.  I realized then that it must have come out when I took off my wetsuit.  I really needed this nutrition…… This also explains why the fried dough was so good.  I was starving! I’m still not sure how I did a 3+ hour race on 1 gu. Crazy sauce.

So that’s what I have.  This race was incredibly well run and I will definitely either do this exact one again next year to better my time or I may move up to the Big George.  Either way, I really have to hand it to the race organizers, volunteers and my peeps.  You all made for a fantastic weekend for my first olympic distance triathlon! Thank you!!

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8 Responses to {Race Report} Lake George Olympic Triathlon

  1. Aunt Joan says:

    Whooo Hoooooo……. You Rock!!!!!

  2. great post!! this was my first Olympic distance too! I totally agree, this was a great race!!!

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