Run to Raise Spirits

In the wake of Irene’s destruction, I actually have taken not a single picture.  I have seen more pictures than I can count though.  The flooding, the families without power, without homes and the list goes on.  Because of all this, I don’t have a picture to share today.  I am instead going to ask for your help for one of these families.  I’m asking for local peeps to do me a favor and it has to do with my very good friends. I’m stealing my plea today directly from the A.R.E. weekly email.

“On Sunday, Erica and Amanda had a house fire that completely destroyed their home.  They are very active club members, regularly posting group runs, volunteering for races and club events, and even providing some of their own resources to further the festive atmosphere of ARE events.  Thankfully they and their three young girls are OK, but the fire consumed everything, leaving them literally just with what they were wearing when they escaped the fire.  The ARE very much wants to help them and with this Thursday being the final night of the Summer Trail Run Series, we ask that anyone who has the means to assist in any way possible, it would be more than appreciated.

The donation jar will be for the family on Thursday. In addition, their three girls are 4, 7, and 9 and in speaking with the family, above all else it is the happiness of their children that matters most. If you have any toys, children’s clothing, or other materials you would like to donate, we will have a bin setup for the family.”

Details for the run:

Where: Thatcher State Park

When: Thursday, September 1st at 6:00 PM

So that’s my plea on this Wednesday morning.  Consider joining us for a run.  A run to raise some spirits, some smiles and to spread the love for a family in need.  They cheer us on…. why shouldn’t we do the same for them?

Amanda……. always cheering!

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