{Two Things Tuesday} Trainer and Swimmin’ it Up

First, as I mentioned yesterday, I have officially set the bike trainer up.  It’s early in the season to do so, I realize that.  But with a little one to wrangle and these already very dark mornings, I needed to set it up and at least figure out how it works.  I was able to set it up relatively quickly.  C-man helped me test it out.

Extreme Focus!

I was concerned that it would be boring, and I’m sure that it will down the road.  Last night I spent an hour breaking it in while watching some of the first season of Glee.  Yes, I know I’m way behind.  But I will say that it was little bit fun and a great workout.  I definitely had to clean up the sweat from the floor so if that doesn’t say workout, I don’t know what does!

Second, I had some time last week to work on my swim.  I’ve learned just a few of the things that I was doing wrong and have begun to work on them.  Apparently, I have a very pretty stroke, but it’s not efficient.  Note taken.  I’m working on upping the efficiency.  More than that I think I may finally have a good deal of the panic factor under control.

During the Crystal Lake triathlon this past weekend, I was able to remain in control and while I was slow, I didn’t freak out at all.  Not even once.  Now the new goal is to seriously work on sighting.  I was so far off course at one point.  Geez! As if swimming isn’t hard enough, I’m now adding on to the distance of the course.

How’s your end of summer training coming?  Are you gearing up to move indoors?  I’m really looking forward to some great fall running and riding!

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