As the week counts down…….

Well, we’re officially less than one week out from my second triathlon, Crystal Lake.  I can openly and very honestly say that I’m a little nervous.  Ok, more than a little.  I’ve done 3, yes, count them, three, open water swims this week.  None of them have been stellar.  Yet somehow on Saturday, I am going to swim a 0.5 mile loop……… Yeah, about that.

What’s been happening is that I start off relatively strong.  I get a little off course, lift my head to sight, water goes in my nose, I choke a little and then things quickly go downhill.  I resume swimming, coming up for air quickly because you know, I’ve now got myself in a panic.  Perfect.  Now I’m coming up for air every 25 yards or so and before you know it, I am swimming way in the back of the pack.  Dead last.  Good times.

After much thought I think I’ve arranged a plan.  My plan.  Don’t freak out.  Keep your head in the water and just keep going.  Sight as needed but try to hang with the other swimmers and let them do the heavy lifting on this one.  Just take it easy on the swim.  Save your big energy for that bitchin bike course.

It’s a tough bike course, but fortunately I’ve ridden it enough times to feel comfortable.  Scarlet and I are ready for whatever Saturday has to offer.  And then there’s the run.  I actually really like this run course.  So, it should be a good one.  We’ll see.  Only six more days to go………… What is your week counting down to?

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2 Responses to As the week counts down…….

  1. You’ll do great! I’ve been looking for places to do open water swims in the area. Any suggestions? I swam the Bang’s Lake Tri this mornig…lots of seaweed in there!

    • Sarah F says:

      Depends on where you are. Here in the Capital District the CDTC (capital district tri club) hosts open water swims every Tuesday. It’s $10 for club members to swim, but you can also bike and run the course as well. There are only two tuesdays left this season. Also the Saratoga Tri Club hosts open water swims every Thursday night at Lake Desolation. It’s also $10 for non-club members to swim. It’s free for members. $40 gets you a membership. It’s worth considering. Both great swims! Oh and Saratoga goes into September if I’m not mistaken. Good luck!!! 🙂

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