Recruiting Help

Well, I’ve done it now.  I’ve brought on real help into the tri-training camp.  I have my first strength training session tomorrow with a triathlon training coach.  While I can figure out the swim, bike and run portions of this thing, I have yet to figure out the strength training piece.  I even confided in her via email that in the little bit of strength training I have done, I’ve felt kinda like a moron walking around in circles at the gym.

So tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM I will be getting structure and probably going through pain.  But as my new road id says, “Pain is only temporary.”  I’m hopeful that this will enhance my training.  A stronger body has got to make for a stronger swimmer, biker and runner…… right?!

Do you use a trainer or a coach? Has it helped you? Any advice before I enter the war zone?  You’re sure to get an update as to how I’m unable to move over the weekend.  Stay tuned as I attempt to turn the below physique into a lean, mean racing machine.

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