I heart the mailman…….

He always brings the best things right to my doorstop.  Imagine my surprise when I arrived home today to this …

That’s right, it’s my new road id.  May seem like no big thing to many of you, but just recently it has become apparent to me how important these little buggers are.  I’ve always knows that I should run with one.  And I did for a time.  However, my contact info has changed in the last several months and I’ve totally neglected getting a new one.

That is I’ve neglected getting a new one until the other night when I was biking out at Crystal Lake on the CDTC Crystal Lake triathlon course.  Once I was up to around 36 mph on a downhill I thought about what would happen if I hit something in the road or if a car hit me. I came home and ordered this new beauty…

And because I love you and worry about you too, use my code … ThanksSarah8166522 and get one for yourself for $1 off.  Be safe out there and enjoy!

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5 Responses to I heart the mailman…….

  1. Ann P says:

    Way to go Sarah! Aunt Joan steered you right. Run Safe!!!!

    Love you

  2. Joan says:

    Thank you. We love you. And just incase you’re wondering I don’t leave home without mine.
    Aunt Joan

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