{Monday Musings} August, Food and More……

It’s August already. Where in the world does the time go?  I cannot believe that summer is half over.  While I wasn’t looking, here are the things that have happened …..

I was a Motley Misfit in the Ragnar Relay

We visited Vermont…

Ran the Vermont City Half Marathon …

Played at the Beach

And went for some hikes!

We have so much more to get done this summer! My tri-training is really under way now that we’re in the throes of the summer heat.  I’m managing to better balance my schedule to get more bikes and swims in and have cut out a run or two each week.  And much like the running community, the folks that are involved in the tri-community have been overly welcoming and wonderful.  I have met some really awesome and inspirational people through the Capital District Triathlon Club and the Saratoga Triathlon Club.  Everyone is helpful, kind and just plain great to be around.

This last week I hit 9 hours of training for the week.  With this comes my increased appetite! Well as many people who know me already know, I’m always hungry.  So I guess now I’m just hungrier.  I’m working hard to revamp the food that I take in and make sure that I’m treating as fuel for my training.  This was definitely reflected in my shopping cart this week and can be seen in my refrigerator! So many fruits and veggies!!! And of course, my new favorite peanut butter.

Saratoga Peanut Butter – Adirondack Jack

Today, I’m taking a much needed recovery day.  I had a big weekend with a lot of miles on my feet and a lot of miles out at Crystal Lake.  My legs are a bit like rubber bands.  Today will be filled with stretching and creaking.  The hope is that tonight I’ll be able to get some yoga in with my little buddy.  But for the moment, I’m kicking back with my feet up.

Well at least for a few minutes until it’s time to head to work.  How are you spending your Monday?

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