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Inspiration & Just Because

Everyone I run across seems to be inspired today.  Maybe it’s the great weather we’re having.  Maybe it’s that we’re all racing this or that.  Maybe it’s just simply that I hang with a fantastic group of peeps these days.  … Continue reading

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{Window Wednesday} I love the outdoors

Running, hiking, canoeing, relaxing….. regardless I really love to be outdoors. Just be! It’s as close as I get to a spiritual place most of the time. Ducks, Ducks and More Ducks! The Hudson from Peebles Island State Park

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{Two Things Tuesday} It’s is H-O-T Edition!

Holy ba-jezums it’s hot out there.Yesterday and today both have reach the 90’s here in Upstate New York.  High heat and high humidity make it tough to get out there and train! I’m doing my best.  And I can say … Continue reading

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I Tri-ed

It’s, as I like to say, in the books.  My first triathlon has been completed! So one down and two more harder and longer ones to go ….. Time to get training!

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Open Water Swim Take 2 ……

This is huge, so of course, I have to post about it again.  I attempted my second open water swim last night at Lake Desolation with the Saratoga Triathlon Club.  This time I went equipped with my snazzy new wetsuit.  … Continue reading

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{Window Wednesday} Happy Belated 4th of July

It’s not all about training…………………. C-man and I spent the Fourth of July together.  He hasn’t been up close and personal with fireworks very many times and I can openly admit that I hate big crowds and traffic.  So! We … Continue reading

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{Two Things Tuesday} It has arrived………

First at bat ……Well, it’s official.  The wetsuit finally arrived yesterday.  I had hoped it would earlier in the day so I could try it out but when you have it shipped home and not to work (as I thought … Continue reading

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