{Saturday Morning Long Run} & Stupid Things I Think About While Running

This morning was this week’s long run.  It was supposed to be 13.1 miles, but I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t cut it short at 11.5.  I’m happy with that.  I only did 6 last week as long run and the week before was 10 so it was probably smart to go easy-ish rather than stacking on a bunch of miles at the same time that I’m adding all of this swimming and biking.

We decided this week that we would try out something new and do a point to point run.  The plan consisted of meeting at Colonie Town Park and running from there to the Corning Preserve in Albany.  This required coordinating a vehicle drop off at the preserve (check… thanks Kim) and coordinating water drops along the way.

I took the lead on the drops.  They weren’t a big deal to put out, but I don’t understand why someone finds it necessary to steal water that is left out on the path.  Our first drop was a total bust as when we got there, the bag, the five bottles of water and the gu were all gone.  Horray for jerks.  I hope they got a big kick out of stealing that stuff.  We made the best of it and grabbed water at the Hess station a few miles down and several of us were running with water so we were fine.  But man is that frustrating!  We soldiered on.  I have to say that I hit a bit of a wall around mile 8.  Not sure what it was but I was completely out of energy.  I had to keep reminding myself that I could do it. And then I did! Weird.

Post run, I’m sitting here and reflecting on all of the silly, random thoughts that I had while we were running today………….

Did I feed the dog this morning before I left?

Man it’s humid out.

This whole route seems so much shorter on a bike.

Fuel Belts are annoying when they are empty.

I need to eat something else besides GU…. It’s not been “agreeing” with me.

Whooooah, my running shadow looks pretty fit.

Those Ironmen are inspiring.  They did 140+ miles and I’m struggling with 11.

I hate the sun, when are we going to be in shade again?

And now, now that I’m home post run and post breakfast at the dinner I have two thoughts……

Eiwwww my clothes and skin are covered in salt. Blech.

And I smell awesome!!!!!

Time to hit the shower!!! How did you spend this gorgeous Saturday morning?

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