{Version 3.5}

We’re officially 3.5 years into the adventures of “Mama and C-man.”  And I have to say that I think we’ve got the hang of this thing.  While 3.5 isn’t any sort of mile stone, I’m trying to be better about stopping and taking stock of where we are.  So where are we C-man?

1 – You’ve made it official.  You’re a big boy now.  Any time I call you my baby I am quickly corrected by you.

I mean, with a ‘Toga like that, who would think that you’re a baby?!

2 – You’re creative.  Every night before bed we read a story.  We have for as long as I can remember.  But now, after I finish the story and say “The End,” you inform me that it’s your turn to read it to me.  And then I get to hear your version of the story.  And I will admit that your version is so much better than the actual version as you add in all sorts of things that clearly the authors left off.  ❤ it!

3 – You’re becoming a little athlete.  We drive by the bike path every day and every day you take stock of whether or not anyone is running.  Many times I promise that we’re going down to throw rocks later and when it comes time, I’m ready to just bag it.  But you remember and you insist.  You keep me honest with my training! This appears to have rubbed off on you in that you love going to races and have even done one of your own!

Start line for Dodge the Deer!

We have had a fun filled 3.5.  I’m hoping for many more adventures to come! So keep it up little one.  You’re a special little kid and the sky is the limit.  Let’s see where we go between here and version 4!

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1 Response to {Version 3.5}

  1. Laurie says:

    happy half year birthday buddy! I wouldn’t want to share my birthday with anyone else and you can tell Mama the best is yet to come ❤ !

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