{Friday} And a Do-Over?

It’s Friday…… thank goodness.  I’m not sure why I’m so excited for it to be Friday honestly.  I have tons of training on the schedule and my house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom.  As it turns out neither my dog nor my three-year old are very good at pitching in on the house work! Depending on how the weekend shakes out I should be getting in a one hour ride, a 13.1 mile run a 2.5 hour ride and another swim.  Ugh, I think I’m tired already! What’s on your schedule for the weekend?

An on the do-over note, I’ve been reorganizing old photos and I came across my pictures from the Lake Placid half marathon.  My first big race…….. oh how I heart thee.  Between coming across the pictures and having been in Lake Placid last weekend, I’m dying to run that course again.  For one, its beautiful.  I’m not sure how you could ask for better scenery and for two …. I’m a faster runner now! I struggled mentally on the course last June when I ran it.  I’m relatively confident now that I can run the course and call it mine.  I’m not sure why I think about such things!  Do you have any races/courses that you secretly long to “do-over?”

Lake Placid Half Finish 2010

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