H-O-T in the Kitchen

Ok, so none of you get that reference…. H.O.T. in the kitchen.  A very long time ago, in a previous life I worked at a fantastic little resort in nowhere Minnesota for a summer.  I was one of the staff naturalists who watched little kiddos while their parents enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet lakeside.  Seriously, seems like an entire lifetime ago!

The restaurant that was part of the lodge had the very best homemade food.  Casey made everything himself.  I’m still not sure when he had a day off during the nine months that I lived out there.  There was a little grist mill right on the property and my favorite thing was that every day there was homemade bread, pastries, muffins, biscuits, you name it.  Needless to say I also gained about fifteen pounds while I worked there.  Anyway, all of the staff was known for yelling out H. O. T. in the kitchen.  And it was.

On days like today, I immediately think of this.  It is H. O. T. but not just in the kitchen.  It’s hot everywhere.  Getting in a run seems almost impossible.  I’m so glad that I’ll be swimming tonight out at Lake Desolation.  I’m wondering if I could blow off work and just swim all day?  What are you doing to beat the heat today?  Do you have funny sayings that you think of in weird situations?  I swear if I ever talked about some of these things out loud, people would certainly think that I’m nuts!

I wish I was standing under this hose all day!

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