Inspiration & Just Because

Everyone I run across seems to be inspired today.  Maybe it’s the great weather we’re having.  Maybe it’s that we’re all racing this or that.  Maybe it’s just simply that I hang with a fantastic group of peeps these days.  All I know is that these good vibes are catchy.  I love it! Makes me feel like I can conquer the world, one day at time.

So for inspiration today, I managed to pound out 10 miles this morning with Erin and Mark.  They did 12 just for the record! It’s been a while …. maybe a couple of months since I hit double digits so I kept my run to 10.  It was a gorgeous morning and the bike path was busy, busy, busy.  The parking lot could not contain all of the cars.  I get a little rush when we hit the lot and it’s overly full like this.  Reminds me that we’re not alone in this quest for a healthy life style.

Post run I headed to the Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market to pick up my CSA share for the week.  The place was slammin’.  They recently moved locations because of the demolition of city hall.  Everything is a bit more spread out and it seems like there is soooooooooooo much more there now.  I was a bit overwhelmed today.  I picked up my veggies and some delish Adirondack Jack peanut butter from the Saratoga Peanut Butter company.

After getting all that home, showering and etc. I picked up my little man and we headed out to Grafton Lakes State Park for a friend’s birthday party and some serious fun in the sun.  We played, made castles, dug moats and just down right had a fantastic time! And we ate cake!

How was your Saturday?  Are you feeling inspired?  I’ll leave you with the Holstee Manifesto that I’m reposting from another blog.  I certainly struck a chord with me today…… Happy Weekend!

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