Open Water Swim Take 2 ……

This is huge, so of course, I have to post about it again.  I attempted my second open water swim last night at Lake Desolation with the Saratoga Triathlon Club.  This time I went equipped with my snazzy new wetsuit.  I had the pleasure of quickly learning how to get it on (plastic bag works wonders) and then sweating my a@# off while we listened to the intro, rules, etc.

Everyone suiting up!

I can safely say that as soon as we began to wade into the water, I knew without a doubt that it was going to be a totally different swimming experience.  The wetsuit floats, thus so does Sarah!  While I still needed to stop and take breaks in the 3/4 of a mile that I swam, I can say that I did so with ease.  I was able to actually swim much more of the distance than last week.  And not once did I panic! Score!!!! It’s weird to say out loud, but I’m actually looking forward to future open water swimming.

We ended the evening with a visit to Tinney’s Tavern for some ribs and maybe a beer or two.  While the entire experience wasn’t spectacular, we laughed ……. a lot.  We discussed racing, food, bikes, swimming, costumes, several things that I can’t mention here and more.  It was a good night.  So thank you to all of my carpool buddies and the random pal we picked up from Oklahoma for a great night of fun and laughter.

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4 Responses to Open Water Swim Take 2 ……

  1. Amanda says:

    eric said the beans were good…apprently you didnt?

  2. Sarah F says:

    i just couldn’t eat everything!

  3. Aunt Joan says:

    When you have a chance, please send me the vender info for your wetsuit. Everyone keeps telling me how much more I will enjoy the swim if I wear one. Right now I have a difficult time putting the words enjoy and swim in the same sentence. Aunt Joan

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