{Two Things Tuesday} It has arrived………

First at bat ……Well, it’s official.  The wetsuit finally arrived yesterday.  I had hoped it would earlier in the day so I could try it out but when you have it shipped home and not to work (as I thought I had done) it does arrive until much later.  But anyhow it arrived just the same.  I left it in the box over night.  But this morning….. I just had to try it on to see whether or not it would fit.  I wonder if other people do crazy things like try on a wetsuit at 6:30 in the morning………… Hmmmmmmmmm………. probably not.  The good news is that the suit fits.  The eh news is that I need to work on getting it on a little easier.  Boy, oh boy that’s a lot of work.  And the bad news is that once successfully on, I realized that I had made a small gouge in it with my finger nail.  I didn’t rip through but I did gouge.  Doh! Geez, I cannot catch a break.  So, I’ll be glueing her up and testing her out this Thursday night at Lake Desolation with the Saratoga Triathlon Club.

Second – I’ve officially started incorporating speed work into my training.  The good news is that it appears to be working.  A little any way and I’ll take it.  I’ve had a couple of speedy runs in the last week and that’s all I can attribute it to.  I can say that during these faster runs, I do feel like I’m pushing myself, but not like I’m going to die.  This is a welcome improvement.  Next up, I need to start incorporating more hills.  Both in my runs and in my biking.  Baby steps….. baby steps. How’s your training coming this Tuesday?

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