{OWS} Open Water Swim #1…… fail……….. and the weekend

Yuck…. Well, I officially did my first open water swim and yes, yuck.  That’s where I stand on that.  But! Let me back up a little.

I was given plenty of advice from friendly running peeps and tri training pals.  I was forwarned that everyone freaks out their first time in open water.  This advice went something like this “You’ll be fine.  Don’t panic.  When you do – just turn on your back and float.  Use a breast stroke or a side stroke.  Just don’t panic.”  That’s cute……don’t panic.  Ha!

As we entered the water, I attempted to be zen-like and remember not to panic.  Just breathe.  I remember thinking that over and over, calm down, just breathe.  Immediately upon putting my face in the water…. you guessed it.  Total panic.  Total panic, no breathing, inhaling water.  Fail.  Thus my first open water swim consisted of a lot of floating, treading water, etc.  I maybe actually swam half of the half mile swim. Ok, fail, now what.  I’ve already committed to doing these things so I need a plan of action.  Plan………. buy a wetsuit.  Immediately.  And suck it up, regardless of how much I don’t want to, and commit to swimming in open water at least once a week.  Ugh, I’m terrified just thinking about doing it again.

On a brighter note, I get to run tomorrow.  Funny that I say get to.  The “plan” with running peeps calls for an 11 mile run tomorrow.  Haven’t done that since I ran Vermont City relay on Memorial Day weekend.  While it sounds like torture work, it should be fun.  The gang is all coming, including Miss E who hasn’t been out for a run since our Ragnar adventure and her wedding.  Ask me again if I’m excited tomorrow morning on my way out the door.  Think I might also hit up Scarlet for a ride or two and force myself to go swimming, but at the gym.  I’ll save any additional OWS for next week.  I need a day or two to forget about that experience.

Anyway, my weekend will be full of this………. How are you spending your weekend?And any advice on the swimming?

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