Father’s Day 5K

What’s a girl to do on a gorgeous Sunday morning? Um, head out to the local 5k of course! This morning was the Community Resource Father’s Day 5K at the Crossings park in Colonie.  I headed over to get a little run in and enjoy the morning at the park.  I ended up playing on the playground pre-race with the Zenner clan.

I had originally hoped that maybe today was the day for a PR.  But for various reason I knew that it probably wouldn’t happen.  I haven’t been doing speedwork, I never run fast, I didn’t bring my iPod, and the list goes on.  I really wasn’t worried about it!   I went out to enjoy the run and enjoy the run I did! My gun time (no chip time, which is a whole other story) was 28:10.  Again, no PR for me but I’m still really happy with it.  It was a good strong run and I didn’t feel like I was struggling at all.  Thanks to Amanda for the photo!  How are you spending your father’s day?

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