A Friendly Run & Foodie Fun

As promised, I celebrated my running peeps this morning with an 8 mile run at the Nisky Bike Path.  Jess, Mark, Amanda and I headed out at 8 AM for our run.  Amanda was hammering out 13 miles, Mark 10 and Jess and I were planning 8.  First let me say that this weather is wonderful.  Tons of people out on the path this morning soaking up the sunshine.  Parking was tight!!! We rain from the train station out and up Blatnick hill and a bit beyond to get to the 4 turn around.

The run was relatively uneventful.  Well other than the part where I had to be reigned back in for the first couple of miles because I was running too fast.  Ha! That never happens.  Our goal was a 9:40 pace for the whole run though so heading out at 9:05 was indeed too fast.  Amanda ….. you’re right.  We ran into some other running peeps while out on the path and then back at the parking lot.  One of the beautiful things about this running community.  Everyone is so nice and you can surely run into someone who you know at the bike path on a Saturday morning!

Post run Jess and I headed back to Troy.  I have to pick up my CSA share at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market every Saturday morning.  This week’s share included Bok choy, lettuce, Nappa cabbage, parsley, turnips, broccoli, and sugar snap peas.  I’m heading to friends house for dinner so I’m thinking I should figure out something yummy to do with some of this veggie goodness!

And tomorrow C-man is at his Dad’s house for father’s day so I’m going to go and run the Father’s Day 5K at the Crossings.  I don’t know that it’ll be a PR, but figure it’s time to give it a shot.  I haven’t run a 5K in forever!  The No Boundaries mentors will all be there along with several other people who I know.  I figure there’s not a much better way to spend a Sunday morning.  How are you spending your weekend?  With running peeps out on the trail, cooking up a storm in your kitchen or maybe trying to PR a race?

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