An Ode ….. To Running Peeps

I’ve talked about my running peeps a bazillion times on this blog.  They’re priceless.  Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I have to do another shout out because Tall Mom put together a great post about running buddies and a Running Buddy Appreciation Day.  I have to tell the truth here and admit that I’ll actually be out-of-town (it’s my cutest nephew’s first birthday!!!) on the day of this “event” so I won’t actually be able to run with any of my running buddies.  However! I’m going to go ahead and celebrate them early.  We have a long run planned for tomorrow morning at the Niskayuna Bike Path.  Mark, Amanda, Jess and I will be covering varying distances tomorrow with the bulk of them together.

I can officially say that I’ve been running with a great group of people for over a year now.  The characters change weekly.  We’re not always all present, we swap in and out, but the frun (thanks ARE) is always the same.   Thanks to you I’ve been able to do the following things while on the run:

We’ve laughed – Think inappropriate stories that you would never discuss with your “regular” friends.

Ridiculous Run Costumes

We’ve cried – Think finish lines, injuries, and inappropriate stories!!!

Moments of tearful joy

We have triumphed and overcome all sorts of injuries, obstacles and more.  I can truly say that together we push one another to step out of our comfort zone and go for it.  In the collective group we’ve completed 5K’s, 10K’s, 15K’s, Half Marathons, Relay Races, Marathons, Triathlons and more.

It truly is amazing what you can do with a little help from your friends! So celebrate your friends running or otherwise.  I know I will tomorrow morning and every time we lace up our sneakers and head out the door together to wherever the road takes us.

A Little Glimpse of Just Some of the Fun


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