{Two Things Tuesday} – I’m Back & Scarlett Has a Name

First and absolutely foremost, I’m back running.  I took a whopping 5 days off from running last week to give my knee and my brain a break.  Again it has been forever since I’ve taken that many days off from running.  It was so strange, but the fantastic news is that I’m back.  I am back and ready for action!

J and I ran 5 miles out through Lansingburgh, Peebles Island and Waterford on Saturday.  When we started out it was sprinkling.  By mile two the skies had opened up and we were definitely running in a downpour.  I can easily say that it was not that long ago where if there had been a chance of rain, I would have never even laced my sneakers up.  I am so glad to say that is no longer the case.  So yeah we got wet, but we laughed as we hopped and skipped over puddles, and dodged cars and their road spray.  The only thing I wish we had done is taken a post-run photo.  Would’a been a keeper!

And secondly I have finally landed on a bike name.  It’s not all crazy bad-a@# like I had originally thought, but this one seems to fit.  Her name is officially Scarlett.  It works with the red and it still sounds pretty tough, while still being a girl.  We’ve tried it out back and forth for the last week or so.  I call her by name, see how it feels, etc.  It seems to be sticking so I think she’s officially stuck in her role and her name.  We’ll see how it goes, but I know she’ll look good lined up here like this!

Nate’s First Transition!

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