Thursday Ramblings…………

It’s Thursday, can I ramble?  I can ramble.  Today is my fourth day with no run.  I honestly can say (write) right now that I cannot remember the last time that I took four consecutive days off from running.  Strange.  It has to have been over a year and a half ago.  My how life has changed.  Then it was normal.  I was throwing in running 3-ish times a week as a way to, hopefully, lose some weight.

Now, this is not normal.  This is strange.  I’m forcing myself to leave my running shoes in the closet until Saturday.  I do look at them daily.  My gym bag sits idle at my kitchen table.  I feel weird leaving the house without it.  I did sneak in a half hour of yoga this morning.  I briefly mentioned yesterday that I’m taking a much-needed sabbatical from running.  My knee has been wonky and my heart hasn’t been in it.  So I figured a few days off would do me good.

Fortunately I have plans to run on Saturday afternoon.  And honestly, I can’t wait.  I don’t care what my pace will be, how far we’ll go or any of that.  What I care about is that I’ll feel like me.  Running is a part of who I am now and taking a break is hard work.

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