{Window Wednesday} CSA Edition

I’m taking a few days off from training.  I know, I can hardly believe it myself.  But in the meantime, my mind is completely occupied with the fact that my CSA farm share from Denison Farm starts this Saturday.  Fresh veggies….. Woot, woot! I cannot wait!!!! If you’re not familiar with CSA’s, check it out.  Long story short, it’s my box of fresh veggies each week from now through September.  Picking up my share each week is like Christmas morning.   I love it.  And I love, love, love feeling so connected to my food.  I can tell you exactly where it came from, in fact, I can drive you there if you’d like.  Marvelous!

So this week’s window is a glimpse into some of the bounty of last summer that I was able to put up.  As this summer’s produce starts making its way into my home, I’ve been working hard to clean out (aka eat) what I canned, froze, preserved from last summer.  So behold………. pics of some really yummy peanut butter and jelly bars that I made for our Ragnar relay team with my homemade blueberry jam last summer.


Still adjusting to my lack of counter space!

What are you excited about now that summer is upon us?

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2 Responses to {Window Wednesday} CSA Edition

  1. Yum. CSA’s are definitely the way to go!

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