The week in rewind………..

The week in rewind…………..

Again, it’s wildlife week.  I’ve seen birds galore, all colors, shapes and sizes.  I’ve seen a “giant’ beaver.  Today we were graced with the presence of a skunk.  And I don’t mean we could smell it, I mean he was right on the side of the bike path so we ran in the other direction and gave him some time to find somewhere else to be.  Maybe they were all out because they are also sick of the rain? Who knows!

I officially logged 8.5 hours of training this week and about 81 miles in total.  That’s a pretty big boost for me.  I’m well on track for my 100 miles of running this month, in fact it’s looking like I may end closer to 125.  And I am successfully breaking my bike in.  So much so that I need to call tomorrow for her tune up.  She’s shifting all crazy and the chain is slipping around.  Made for an interesting 20 mile ride today.  I’m also close to naming her.  She needs a name to feel loved and appreciated.  I need to get on that.

I’ve successfully revamped my eating.  At least for the last few days.  I already told you about the veggie burgers.  Tonight’s dinner was a spring veggie fried rice.  Again, delicious.  And there is plenty left over for a couple of lunches.  Yippee!

And today marks one week until the Vermont City Marathon Relay.  Off to plan an outfit! Have a fantastic Sunday night!

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