The Low-down on Ragnar

It’s done.  We did it.  The Motley Misfits managed to complete all 36 legs and 200 miles of the Ragnar Relay in New York.  We ran from Bethel Woods to Dobbs Ferry in a matter of about 34-ish hours.  I already explained how the relay works in a previous post so I’ll skip the details for you.  I will instead focus on how much fun we had and flood you with pictures from this incredible experience.

I can only tell the story from Van 2…… but man it’s a fun one.  We met up around 9:00 on Friday morning to load up the Suburban (probably should stop calling it a van) with all of our worldly belongings food.  We finalized the decorations and headed out.  The first exchange that we were needed at was exchange 6 which was in Pine Bush, NY.  Once we arrived we had time to snack on some of the delicious food that everyone had packed, hang out and prep for the craziness that was about to ensue.

The Party Van


I’m not sure what time we began running our legs of the adventure.  But oh what an adventure.  After the first few legs it became very clear to us that the little “bumps” of elevation change on the maps were in fact lots and lots of rolling hills.  We’re in the Catskill mountains…. this should have been obvious! Anyway, with a lot of running and hard work we made it through the first six legs unscathed.  We finished our night-time runs somewhere after 8:00 PM.  It was indeed official night-time hours and we had the gear on!

E rocking the “night” wear

We scoped out the exchange area for food, a place to change or something of the like.  While Ragnar did offer food for sale and grass sleeping areas at this exchange, we decided to press on.  It made more sense to us to head out to the next place we need to be and then try to get some sleep.  So we took off towards Beacon Middle school.  This is where I do think that we made a little mistake.  We were all so anxious to try to get some sleep that we didn’t stop to eat dinner.  You know, real food.  I’m not certain, but I don’t think that people can exist on cookies, bagels, and fruit alone.  But apparently we were giving it a go.

Once at the exchange we all did our best to try to get some sleep before we were to resume running again ….. around 3:00 AM.  Fatal flaw number 2.  All but one member of our crew tried to sleep in the Suburban.  It’s pretty cramped quarters for 5 people.  I’m not sure that any of us got any decent sleep during this spell.

2 AM snacking in a parking lot

We fueled up on more bagels, cookies, etc in the weeeeeeee hours of the morning and began our second set of legs.  Once again, everyone survived and successfully completed our legs without injury.  Again, we drove ahead to the next exchange after filling up on some Dunkin Donuts coffee.  The GPS led the way! The exchange was at a school again.  This time we were greeted by a pancake breakfast.  Woooooo hoooooo! It was just pancakes, but man were they yummy after all that time with no real food.  After filling our bellies, we all found a corner of the van, the lawn or what have you and tried to catch whatever zzzz’s we could.

Bodies on the lawn!

This was good sleep! Finally we were approaching our last set of legs in this adventure.  Just 6 more runners to go and we were at the finish line.  Then the unfortunate happened.  our first runner set out on his leg.  We got back to the vehicle and no one had the keys and it was locked.  Sure enough, the keys were sitting on the console.  Fail. Ooooops! Fortunately for us the rental had on-star and they were able to unlock it for us.  While we waited for this to happen the kind runners of Van 1 agreed to drop off our next two runners at their exchanges so we wouldn’t get any further behind.

Long story short, we finally made it to the finish line.  We had some fallen soldiers along the way and a lot of us were in pain, but we managed to finish and had a blast doing it.  I’m sure that we’ll all have great stories to tell for some time to come.  There are new nicknames, birthday gifts lined up and more! I highly recommend doing a relay with your friends if you have the opportunity. Here are a few more pictures……….

What relay are you doing or have you done one that you could recommend as our next?

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