My First Ride

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of going out on my first bike ride in I don’t know how many years.  My awesome married pals M & N (ohhhhhh so close to M & M) agreed to take me out on the bike path and laugh along with me as I figured this thing out.  First let me say what a glorious evening we had for a bike ride.  I believe it was about 70 and sunny.  Sooooooooooooo nice out!

We met at the Niskayuna Bike Path.  Because it was my first ride on the new bike and first time with clipless pedals (!) we opted to head towards Cohoes rather than attempt the big hills that loom in the other direction.  Fortunately for me, I practiced clipping in and out about a hundred times at the bike shop on Tuesday during my fitting.  Through the entire ride, and we went just shy of twenty miles, I only had trouble clipping in once.  So, I forgot to push down and was instead trying to push forward.  Silly detail!

Anyway, we took it easy pace wise and enjoyed the ride.  I have to say that it was truly so much fun! I had a blast.  The only torturous part was that apparently we were riding at dinner time and everyone along the path was cooking out.  Holy good smells batman.  At one point I did point out that if we didn’t finish the ride soon I was going to rob someone’s grill of their food! Yum! All in all a fantastic ride.  I cannot wait to head out again, but first I have Ragnar to tackle! Van 2 leaves tomorrow at 9:30 AM. Full reports to come!

There she is in all of her glory on the trainer at the shop.

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