The Countdown to Vermont City Has Begun

Not sure if I’m mentioned this here, but I am once again preparing to run a half marathon.  A-sizzle and I are doing the Vermont City Marathon Relay in Burlington, VT on 5/29.  (Meanwhile her super speedy hubby will be tackling the marathon!)  I’ll be completely honest in admitting that this time I didn’t even think about a training plan.  Coming right off from the Suntrust National Half Marathon in DC at the end of March, I didn’t really think it was necessary or maybe I just didn’t even really think about it at all! I am confident that I can do it, however, I doubt that it will be a PR.  And I’m quite okay with that.  I really want to go and just HAVE FUN!

C-man will be making the journey with me.  I’m so excited that the two of us will have a little mini-vacation together while checking another half-marathon off my list.  I’ve been hunting around for fun things for us to do while we’re there.  We’re heading to Burlington on Saturday and coming home some time on Monday.  We will definitely be hitting up the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.  We always seek out the science centers, museums, zoos, etc first! Because of my job at CMOST, it’s research and fun for us.  I get a chance to see what other Museums are doing and C-man and I get a chance to play!

I’m sure we’ll find lots of other fun things to do while we are there.  And on top of The Museum and other adventures, he will get to hang out with three of his favorite ladies since A-Sizzle & Hubs are bringing their kiddos along as well.  So here’s to the races and the family fun! Let the countdown begin!

A-Sizzle & I at another finish line!

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