And then there was a bike!

I ordered a bike! Woot woot!

Ok, so no triathlons are currently on the schedule.  Let’s start this post with clearing that up.  I will not, however, say that there won’t be one on the schedule in the near future.  I have learned (the hard way) to never say never.  I always end up eating those words.  I distinctly remember a training run before Lake Placid with E where we saw people doing training runs for a full marathon.  We had a conversation that went something like this:

Me – “Um, that’s nuts. Running 20 miles. Sheesh.”

E – “Totally crazy.”

Me – “I don’t ever want to do that.  I mean, who seriously wants to run that far and for that long?”

E – “Nope, me neither.”

Remember this was several months ago, so while the exact words may have changed this is indeed the conversation that we had.  Fast forward one year and I have completed a full marathon and am currently contemplating which one will be the next on my radar.  Lesson learned, never say never.  This comes in somewhere around the lesson of not saying can’t.  There is nothing that we can’t do if we put our minds to it.  But that’s a story for another day.

So the bike. Yes, the bike.  She’s beautiful.  I don’t have a picture of my actual bike as it’s on order and should be in at Elevate Cycles in the next week or so.  In the mean time, the stock photo will have to do.  It’s a Giant Avail 1 and I can’t wait to learn how to ride it.

Yes, you heard right, learn how to ride it.  The same way that I am re-learning how to swim.  I’ve ridden a bike before…… lots of bikes in fact.  But not with shoes that clip into my pedals.  And at dangerous speeds………… I guess we’re about to find out who ends up in the emergency room first, me or C-man.  Here’s to hoping the answer is neither of us.

Check her out.  Any suggestions on names? I’ve got a few tossing around, but I’m open to suggestion as I’m not the most creative person on the block.

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3 Responses to And then there was a bike!

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  2. Joan says:

    Whooo Hoooo – Bring it on! Can’t wait to ride with you. When you start looking for a Tri. I can offer suggestions. A. Joan

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