{Two Things Tuesday}

Back on track with two things Tuesday.

1 – I’ve recently added swimming to my repertoire of athletic activities.  I have never been anything more than a recreational swimming so this has been interesting to say the least.  Because of my lack of swimming knowledge and ability I did sign up for a couple of lessons at the Ciccotti Center.  I figured I needed someone to at least tell me what I should be doing as I’m drowning in the pool.  Thus far I’ve attended one lesson and been in the pool solo half a dozen times.  Once I figured out that I need to work on exhaling the entire time that my face is in the water it became much less difficult.  Still feel a little like I’m drowning, but no longer like I’m totally defeated.  We’ll see where this goes….. Just Keep Swimming!

2 – We’re officially less than three weeks out from the New York Ragnar Relay.  Due to team injuries we’ve moved things around, welcomed new people to the team and made adjustments.  I’ve moved into the position of Team Captain.  Doesn’t change much really other than some meeting hoopla and what have you.  The closer we get to this race the more I realize what an adventure it’s going to be.  Crazy stuff. Lots o’ pictures I am positive and stories.  🙂

Happy Tuesday people! What crazy new things are upcoming in your life?

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