Race Day Cometh

Totally  under prepared but so stoked to be doing a half marathon.  That’s how I feel about the SunTrust National Half Marathon that I’m running on Saturday.  I’m not really under prepared, I just feel that way.  I had talked before about how I haven’t really been following a training plan for this race, but have rather just been running.  I’ve been consistently logging between 25-30 miles each week so I’m certain that I’ll finish the race.   I have my fingers crossed that I will finish strong with no walls in sight.

Prepared, under prepared, whatever, I’m super excited.  There’s such a buzz of energy at races.  I can’t wait to feed off from that energy.  I plan to tap it and ride the wave for as many minutes, hours, days as possible.  Me and the race bug, we go way back.  And this particular race….. I have been waiting for since I crossed the finish line of my first marathon back in October.  So look out DC.  Here I come!

Only wishing that the weather looked a little warmer! Check out my rocking new race outfit complete with a traveling sparkle skirt! And I’ll be back soon with a full race report and hopefully a new PR in the bag for my half marathon time.

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9 Responses to Race Day Cometh

  1. Amanda says:

    sweet….the outfit rocks!

  2. Erica says:

    LOVE the outfit! Good luck 🙂

  3. Ann P says:

    I would never have guessed in a million years that you would pick an outfit that had a pink skirt!! After all this time I am still learning new things about you. Love the outfit. Have a great time and enjoy.
    Love you!

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