{Two Things Tuesday}

1 – Tonight I took my first Hot Vinyasa Yoga class.  Interesting.  I’m still not all that impressed with yoga classes that are held at local gyms, ymca’s and the like.  I prefer those at the yoga or Pilates studio.  They are just more challenging and I leave feeling like I really learned how to do the pose rather than rushing through the motions and doing it all wrong.

Tonight for example, we were in downward facing dog several times as one can imagine, but the whole time I just didn’t feel like I was quite there.  Rushed.  I was being rushed, thus the poses suffer.  And hot……… hmmmmmm…… it was relatively warm in there, but I wouldn’t call it hot.  I’ll have to give it a few more tries.  And then I might have to hit a yoga studio for the real deal.  But I got a good stretch in and a change to slow my mind.  I suppose that’s what really matters.

2 – Can we celebrate the weather if even just for a minute?  Seriously, I think that spring is coming.  It was 50 degrees when I left work tonight at 5:00.  I  believe that it is supposed to remain in the 50’s for the next two days.  The snow is melting, revealing all the dead, dirty and disgusting stuff underneath, but it’s melting!  Soon we’ll be running on paths that we haven’t seen since last fall!  Proof is the picture below of the back 9 at the Frear Park golf course.  Anyone up for a hill workout before they open the course?

Even Georgia wants to go for a run.  She just forgot which shoes to pick it’s been so long!

What are your plans for the nice weather that is in our forecast?  I know we’ll be running!  We might even bust out the trust jogging stroller this weekend!  Enjoy!

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