When 5 turns into 6

Happy Thursday peeps.  I had a fantastic run this morning.  Truth be told it would have been more fantastic if it hadn’t been sleeting out and I had been able to actually run outdoors.  But I digress.

For the past several weeks I’ve had a nagging pain in my left ankle.  It’s happened before and it feels almost like a really tight tendon….. an excruciatingly painfully tight tendon.  If I can run through the pain it eventually goes away around mile 3.  While I’m always thankful once the pain goes away, I wish I could figure out how to make it go away without experiencing it for those first three miles.  On Tuesday, I ran in my neighborhood.  First two miles were atrocious.  I stopped walked a bit and started running again.  Zero pain.  In fact not only did I have zero pain, I also was hitting a 9:00 min pace right on the nose.  Those last three miles were great.  What the heck?!

This morning I started my run as I do all of the others, just waiting for the pain to commence.  Around mile 3 I realized that I had no pain.  Not only did I have no pain, but I hadn’t had any pain.  The run felt liberating and without pain I realized that I was actually fully enjoying what I was doing.  I stopped to grab water and set back out to do another 2 miles as I had 5 in my sights for the morning.

As I was finishing up another 22 laps around the indoor track, I realized that this run was feeling good enough that I might as well put in another mile for good measure.  So I did! Honestly, if I hadn’t needed to get ready to go to work, I could have kept going.  It felt that good to be pain free.  So hears to hoping that I may have worked this out for now.  And that is how 5 turns into 6.

I’m closing today by saying that I’m ready.  I’m ready for a rematch, a do-over…….. with the marathon.  Game on.

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1 Response to When 5 turns into 6

  1. I love those kinds of runs. Congrats of feeling great and being pain free!

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