The Motley Misfits…… Ragnar Relay Planning

Did I mention that we’ve put together a relay team for the New York Ragnar relay?  Well we have.  There are 12 of us in total, 2 vans with 6 stinky runners in each.  We’ve also recruited 3 volunteers and a night-time pacer to keep us safe in the dark.  Our team name is officially the Motley Misfits.

Yesterday was the second gathering of the misfits in an attempt at a team meeting.  The agenda included things such as reviewing our van & leg assignments.  Ragnar recently made changes to the New York route which changed the lengths of several of the legs.  Need to check in and make sure we’re all on the same page still.  We need to figure out our van drivers.  Should we have designated drivers or just take turns as runners driving the van?  We need to check in on t-shirts, van decorations, costume items, any needed gear, and last but certainly not least FOOD!

What the heck do 12 runners eat who are trapped in a van?  I would imagine a lot………….. There sure is a lot of food at our meetings.  More on that in another post!

Any relay advice from those of you who have done it before?  I’m super excited.  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and certainly an unforgettable experience.  And I’m really glad to be doing it with this particular group of friends.  Go Team!

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