Running “Fuel”

Ok, if you know me at all… it’s no secret that I love to cook and eat.  In fact my love of food was one of the reasons that I needed to start running.  I needed to run off those extra pounds that I’d put on eating fantastic food.  In the past year as I’ve been running, I’ve also been striving to really try to cook healthier food.  Part of that goal was started with another blog that I write for The From Scratch Club.  A bit about us:

From Scratch Club is a small group of women who are passionately connected to the food they and their families consume. We live in various towns or cities within the Albany/Saratoga area (Upstate NY). We meet once a month for a food-related adventure, event or potluck. The rest of the month we on the blog with stories, recipes, kitchen tips & tricks and food policy musings & news.

A while ago….. like last summer, I had intended to write a bit about cooking food that would fuel my runs.  Life gets crazy, and I totally lost track of that goal.  In the last few weeks I find myself thinking more and more about that as I set out to make the food that I eat.  So, I’m reestablishing that goal and planning to use it both here in what I write about and at From Scratch Club.  Let’s get started with some delicious Roasted Chickpeas!

Back in January, my good friend and fellow blogger C-sizzle wrote a post over at From Scratch that was for Faux Nuts.  I read it and truly think that I was drooling by the time I finished.  I should mention that I am obsessed with Chick Peas.  humus, eating them on salads, just throwing a handful into my yap…. whatever.  Love!  Anyway, ever since she wrote that post I’ve been making Faux Nuts or Roasted Chickpeas almost every weekend.  My intention is always that I’ll have them as a snack for the week.  They seldom make it past Monday.  I love them……. These little guys are full of fiber and a fantastic source of protein.  I’m not going to repost the recipe here as you can check it out over at From Scratch.  But I will share some yummy pictures and tell you to stay tuned for regular “fueling” recipes from now on.

I should mention that today’s flavor combination was garlic, rosemary and a little salt.

Thanks again Chris! I’m in love!!!


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1 Response to Running “Fuel”

  1. Christina says:

    WoW! Fantastic! I didn’t know you were making them sooo much- how cool!!! They are amazingly delish. Thanks for the shout-out S-izzle 🙂

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