Music Is My Life

It’s true.  I live to listen to music.  I can skip tv, I can live without movies, and much, much more, but music ….. I cannot live without it.  This applies to all aspects of my life including my running.  Much of my running is done with my running peeps so music is not necessary.  But on the occasion that I do run alone, I must run with music.  It inspires me, keeps me going and allows my mind to wander to places that I may not have gone otherwise.

The problem that I do encounter with music and running is that I get tired of playlists very quickly.  Because of this, I have tried to put my i-pod on shuffle.  Have you done this?  Bad idea!  I don’t know about other people, but my i-pod has a broad range of music on it.  I’ll admit it here.  I have 1,597 songs on my i-pod.  So, while running I get things ranging from Beyoncé to Frank Sinatra.  Just doesn’t work.  I cannot swing from listening to Spin the Black Circle by Pearl Jam to Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones.  No no no.  I’ve literally stopped in my tracks while running when this sort of thing happens.

I solve this personal “dilemma” by continually building playlists.  I’ve also started using Pandora on my i-pod as well.  The music that I listen to while on the run is quite different from that that I listen to while doing just about anything else.  I couldn’t believe it when I found myself downloading Firework by Katy Perry and The Time by Black Eyed Peas this weekend.  These are things I do in the privacy of my own home and don’t tell anyone about ….. until now.  But I can say that when I’m out a run and they come on, I’m inspired to pick up the pace and keep on going.  So….. what are you favorite songs while running?

My current top five:

1 – The Time …. Black Eyed Peas

2 – Do You Love Me? …. Guster

3 – Till I Collapse …. Eminem

4 – Love the Way You Lie …. Eminem and Rhianna

5 – Empire State of Mind – Jay Z

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2 Responses to Music Is My Life

  1. Joan says:

    I guess if I write it here, my secret will be out. Just remember I’m old. I love listening to Gary Lewis and the Playboys while running or when I’m riding my bike on the trainer. Another one of my favorites is Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. I have 95 songs on my MP3 player, including Enya, Madonna, Heart, Gordon Lightfoot and the Beatles.

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