Worst Blogger Ever

I’m calling it and sticking with it.  Worst blogger ever.  Life gets in the way some times.  Fortunately it mostly only gets in the way of blogging.  Not running.  I’ve got all sorts of things going on, but one of the things that remains constant in my life is running.  I need it.  Yup, I’ll admit it.  I need it to keep me centered, to help me focus and at the same time to provide an escape.  So regardless of the circumstances, I’m still managing to find a way to log about 25+ miles each week.  It keeps me sane.  Reminds me of who I am now and helps me to keep in mind where it is that I’m going.

Today Georgia, my dog, and I found time to get out for a 5 mile run.  We ran one of the tougher routes in the neighborhood.  It’s tough for multiple reasons.  One is the hills.  I can handle hills.  I can’t handle a dog that wants to run in the road with no shoulder.  I stopped several times to remind her that she needed to run on the inside of the road rather than getting hit by a car.  I felt like a mean parent yelling at her on the side of the road, but it was only for her protection.  We toughed it out.

We really found a groove around mile 3 when we hit a sub 9 minute pace.  That kept up for over a mile and a half until Georgia called it quits.  I was feeling fantastic and would have loved to turn what was intended to be a 5 mile run into my 9 mile long run for the week.  But once you’re dragging your dog on the leash, it’s probably time to head home, so I did.  Begrudgingly, we went home.

While a little less in shape than I would prefer and not always fantastic at following direction, a truer running partner, I’d be hard pressed to find.  I lace up my shoes and she starts barking.  If I grab my headphones I can hear the whine.  It’s love at first step.  Thanks G for the run in the middle of crazy chaos!

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