“Training” in January

So I’ll start by apologizing for my absence.  Apparently I’ve been caught up in holidays, dark mornings and much more thus I’ve been absent from the blog.  I hope to remedy that starting today.  No promises just a sincere effort on my part.  Here goes….

As I mentioned in an earlier post about my race plans for 2011, I am registered and planning to run the SunTrust National Half Marathon in March.  What this means is that I’m currently “training.”  I put training in quotation marks because I’m really just running.  I’m running anywhere between 22 – 27 miles each week.  It’s great getting out there regardless of the weather (it was freezing at 5:15 this morning), but I have to say that I’m amazed at myself that I haven’t sat down and at least looked at a training schedule.

Okay, so that’s not entirely true.  I did use the SmartCoach feature on the Runners World website.  I looked at it quickly and then moved on.  So again, right now I’m just running to run.  Logging the miles but with no real plan in place.  My longest run since Stockade-athon was 8 miles and that was several weeks ago.  I don’t think that I’m in a slump, but rather just a bit unfocused.  Maybe it has to do with that fact that the majority of my runs are currently being done at 5:00 AM in the pitch black and it’s cold?  Maybe I just miss the sun?  Any which way, I do plan to sit down this weekend and at least put some sort of plan together even if it’s just for the long runs.  With only 10 weeks to go it would seem that I really need to get my act together!  Does anyone have any tips or tricks that might keep me on track?!

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3 Responses to “Training” in January

  1. Christina says:

    Continually amazed by your commitment & dedication! You are getting it done when it is dark and below-freezing! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Oh, and I have no tips to share, I workout in my unheated garage 🙂

  2. Ben says:

    we can use arel training plan or just make it up: i would like to focus on speedwork, intervals, etc. so i added them in each week.

    Jan 16 – long run – 8 miles, speed work , hills
    Jan 23- long run – 9 miles, speed, fartleks
    Jan 31 – long run – 10 miles, speed, yasso
    Feb 6 – long run – 9 miles, speed, hills
    Feb 13 – long run – 10 miles, speed, yasso
    Feb 20 – long run – 11 miles, speed, fartleks
    Feb 27 – long run – 10 miles
    Mar 7 – long run – 12 miles
    Mar 14 – long run – 8 miles
    Mar 21 – long run – 6 miles

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