Baby it’s COOOOOOLD Outside

I suppose it depends on where you live or maybe it doesn’t as I know it has been a cold week in many parts of the states, but man is it cold outside.  This week has been incredibly challenging in terms of getting in an outdoor run and it’s only the second week of December.

I started my week by inheriting my son’s germs and transforming them into a wonderful head cold.  I shouldn’t complain, lately it seems that I don’t get sick very often.  But I really hate how debilitating it is.  Because of the cold, I did something pretty out of the ordinary for me and I actually took two consecutive rest days and did NOTHING.  Well I did squeeze in a 30 minute yoga session from Exercise on Demand, but with 2 golden retrievers and a 2 1/2-year-old helping out that wasn’t all that successful either.  Entertaining, but not successful.

(C practices a heck of a downward facing dog while Murphy looks on)

Wednesday called for  speed work and we even took that inside.  I was finally feeling a little better, but still under the weather.  I believe the temp that morning was 22 with a windchill that made it feel like 11.  Yeah, not so much for running outdoors.  I did finally make it outdoors this afternoon with A-Sizzle.  We pounded out 4 miles that for me (with limited breathing, etc.) felt almost like an eternity.  Turns out that it was only just over 37 minutes.  So while it’s cold out and I’m still fighting this cold I did manage to hammer out 4 of my fastest miles in some time.  Just imagine what it would be like if I weren’t freezing!

So my question is how are you coping with the cold weather?  Do you head indoors or do you have great gear that allows you to keep plugging away outside?  I need input here people!


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1 Response to Baby it’s COOOOOOLD Outside

  1. Erica says:

    I braved the cold after work today and got in a really good run too! Woohoo! I don’t really have any tips but I will say I was working myself up about how hard it was going to be running in the cold when really it wasn’t all that terrible (minus the frozen face after the run hahaha.) I kept telling myself if you run harder you will warm up faster!

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