Miles for the Year Thus Far

I am running my way in to another milestone.  I hadn’t even realized it until I logged onto my account at DailyMile yesterday morning.  When I entered my mileage for our 5:30 AM run I noticed at the bottom of the page that I was up to 754.9 miles since I began using DailyMile in April.  Hmmmmm, interesting.  That’s a lot of miles.  Then I thought about the miles that I had tracked using my Nike+ for the earlier part of the year… pre-April.

I opened that account, got out my calculator and added the two up.  According to my math and hoping that I’d entered all of the miles that I’ve run this year, I got a total of 890 miles thus far for 2010.  Woooooow! I truly had no idea.  I started tracking my mileage more so I could better know when it was time for new sneakers and to make sure I was on track with my training for the Lake Placid Half in June.  I hadn’t really done it because I had a “goal” in mind.

Well, I do now.  Now the goal is to hit 1,000 miles for 2010.  With only 110 miles left to go and almost 2 months to get there, I have no doubt that I’ll make it.  Guess it’s time to start thinking about what my goals for 2011 might be?!

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